Company history

Sri Chon Gloves ( Thailand ) Co., Ltd. was established from teamwork who had experience in industrial work, due to Covid 19 pandemic people focus and high- lighted to the health care settings, the re- cent use of disposable gloves has shifted to safety uses in the sanitation-janitorial, au- tomotive, and food service industries. Ac- cording industry experts “in 2012 the in- dustrial market reported the same glove revenue as the medical industry, with most coming from the use of nitrile gloves”. The market for disposable gloves continues to grow, with the Constant Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) for the disposable glove market projected at 6% from 2016 to 2024 (Grand view Research).

General information

Most disposable gloves available in the world are manufactured in Asia. The Global Industry Anal- ysis Report indicates the United States is the largest utilizer of disposable gloves, with the Asian market following closely behind. The disposable glove market is projected at $4 billion for 2017. Growth is attributed to the increasing“emphasis on health, occupational safety and hygiene among health care workers”. As per we known Thailand is the largest natural rubber and latex producer. Since the opportunity is there, without hesitate Sri Chon Gloves ( Thailand ) rapidly planning and set up a glove manufacture factory to produce both latex and nitrile examination gloves at Thailand to fulfill huge market demands.

Production capacity

The project goal is building up 5 glove production lines in the beginning, after successful running and then expanding another 45 production lines as the phase II of project. The project phase I constrution and engineering is planning to embark from November, 2020 to June, 2021 with total 8 months working period. The factory building and construction period takes about 4-5 months to accomplish, and the equipment & machinery installation will go parallel. The first production line estimate will complete installation and commissioning on time and the other line is following with one line per month.